DISCOVERCalligraphy as a picture

I am fascinated by the possibilities of shaping a word in the Arabic script.

The letters combine to form a whole – the word-image. This unique art of combining letters makes “…. spirit, word and writing appear so primordially embodied together…” (Goethe). Through the plastic and atmospheric design of the word-image, he succeeds in creating works of extraordinary plasticity and visual power.

Even more: the resulting word is a sculpturally balanced image, from which the artist also derives sculptural forms.


The calligraphically and pictorially designed word, wants to free itself from its background.

The calligraphically and painterly word, sometimes on paper and sometimes on wood and sometimes also on canvas, wants to free itself from its background. Like a sculpture, it wants to be seen and recognised from all sides. For more than sixteen years I worked with different materials to find the right form for my sculpture ILM (the knowledge the wisdom).


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