Book publication: Goethe and the Koran

(Published in German language)Texts by Johann Wolfgang von GoetheCommentary by Karl-Josef KuschelCalligraphies by Shahid AlamPublisher Verlagsgruppe Patmos der Schwabenverlag AG OstfildernISBN 978-3-8436-1246-3Published: February 2021 God is the Orient!God is the Occident!Northern and southern terrainRest in the peace of his hands.JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE Both the author and the artist are available for events. Please contact: Shahid Alam, CalligrapherShahid Alam […]
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Bridges of Art: The Beauty of God in Calligraphy

An Introduction by Shahid Alam In Baghdad, in what was called the House of Wisdom (Arabic: Bayt-al-Hikma), ninth-century translations of the most important works of the ancients were made from Greek to Arabic.  Thus it became possible, later in Toledo, for the most significant scientific achievements of Hellenistic antiquity to be translated, in turn, from Arabic into Latin and then […]
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