Gold on Lapislazuli

A poem by Abdar Rahman V – Caliph of Cordoba (1002 – 1024) Translated from the Arabic by George Bossong Gold on Lapislazuli Land has become night for meSince you left me.Oh gazelle, you destroyOur love, break the covenant!Have you forgotten our covenant?When we were lying on a bed of roses,Wrapped us in a sash,Formed a pearl necklace,How two branches […]
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Love Song by Rainer Maria Rilke

“But everything that touches us, you and me,Takes us together like a bow stroke,Who draws a voice from two strings.Which instrument are we looking forward to?And which violinist has us in the palm of his hand?O sweet song.” Oil on birch wood Stolberg 2014 (Liebeslied von Rainer Maria Rilke)
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